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Jul 12, 2018

Scanmarker looks like a highlighter pen, but it allows you to highlight text in the physical world from a book or magazine, and display on your smartphone or computer screen instantly. For students, this means no more retyping.

Scanmarker Air also enables users to capture, digitize, organize and share text from any paper document, transferring it wirelessly to your computer or smartphone – anywhere, anytime.

The Scanmarker CEO found himself reading numerous books for Social Psychology class and highlighting tens of key paragraphs with his yellow highlighter. He was desperate for a better and less cumbersome way to collect and condense all the material for easier studying and memorizing. This was the catalyst to the creation of our awesome Scanmarker product line, revolutionizing the way people study and boosting their productivity, worldwide.

I wanted to find out more about this journey and Scanmarker is using image processing technology to develop products that deliver unparalleled solutions to help people maximize their time and efficiency. I also wanted to hear real-life feedback stories and experiences from a broad spectrum of people and how Scanmarker is being used by students, researchers, lawyers, administrators, librarians, doctors, teachers etc

On today's tech podcast, I chat with Reuven Regev, Founder, and CEO at Scanmarker to chat about his story and the wide variety of uses for Scanmarker.