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Jul 16, 2018

Pypestream is on a mission to make life easier by allowing businesses to connect with their customers through a secure channel, referred to as a "pype", to provide on-demand sales, marketing and support services.

By leveraging a combination of AI-powered robots and human agents within the pype, companies are able to streamline their customer engagements to garner exceptional cost savings, while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction

Even enterprises in the most highly-regulated industries can use Pypestream's secure messaging and transactions to interact directly with their stakeholders. With a leadership team comprised of industry experts with decades of experience, Pypestream is serving more than a dozen industry verticals, including insurance, healthcare, utilities, financial services, telecommunications, consumer goods and travel.

Major brands of Fortune 50 companies have extended Pypestream’s Pype to be an outbound messaging system too so that email is used less and less in marketing.

Picture a time when customers have such a deeply personal relationship with a business/brand that they can interact anytime, anywhere around any topic inside a messaging interface. If it’s your birthday, the same system that lets you resolve a billing issue sends you a coupon and happy birthday message in the morning.

I invited the CEO of Pypestream, Richard Smullen onto the show to discuss the major shift taking place in the use of AI and data and how this shift is already bringing brands and customers closer together.