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Jul 25, 2018

With companies offering new hires $1 million signing bonuses, demand is off the charts for blockchain talent. I recently discovered a Blockchain 3.0 platform called Aeternity (AE) that is armed with a troop of idealistic coders determined to bring blockchain to the masses.

The primary force behind any new technology is the people who believe in its potential, therefore the mainstream blockchain revolution hinges on a constantly expanding global community of developers and blockchain enthusiasts. In order to allow the blockchain space to evolve and grow, it must be presented as more than just a buzzword.

As passionate believers in the unlimited possibilities of blockchain technologies, æternity, have recently launched æternity Starfleet, a series of robust incubator and accelerator programs to support the global blockchain ecosystem. A global initiative with hubs in Vaduz, Berlin, and Zagreb, æternity Starfleet will support global projects from seed stage and provide them with up to $250,000 in funding.

With the Aeternity (AE) crypto token sitting in the top 30 of CoinMarket Cap, I was intrigued to find out much more about Aeternity, the cyrpto token AE and the release of their Starfleet Incubator.

On today's tech podcast, I speak with Nikola Stojanow who reveals everything you want to know about Aeternity and more.