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Aug 3, 2018

On this show I am passionate about covering as many topics as I can about how technology is transforming multiple industries and hopefully together we can learn a thing or too along the way.We are all surrounded by technology but seldom think about the challenges this can bring.
We have already spoken about the industrial internet of things this week and the challenges of getting connectivity to an oil field in Nebraska, but today I want to demystify the world of Solar technology.
Chris Hiller has been in the solar industry since 2002 and started off as a project foreman/ journeyman electrician running sites and builds. He earned his stripes in the industry installing off grid, grid tie battery back up, micro hydro and wind as well as solar thermal residential and small commercial
Currently, Chris is a solutions architect advising teams on the best approach to take with bug solar projects. Chris talks about how solar technology has evolved, how solar technology works, who benefits from solar technology, what the future of solar technology looks like, why solar implementation is increasing in popularity, and much more.