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Aug 4, 2018

Ronan Leonard built a video meeting (Mastermind) platform using webRTC. As he doesn't write code he went through 3 developers who could not get it to work. I wanted to find out more about how he struggled with finding the right people to bring his vision to life and how other startup founders can learn from his experiences.

We also discuss how at just 23, he helped rescue passengers and fellow staff when the cruise ship he was working on as it sank off the wild coast of South Africa. The event was also captured on camera and watched by over 10 Million people on YouTube.

We also talk about the role that technology has played in his success and a wide range of topics:

● Leverage. Why small business owners overlook this critical step
● The biggest lie we tell ourselves (and others)
● Rituals and Habits trump goals every time
● The age of the sharing economy
● The Peter Principal - How small business hit their level of