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Aug 7, 2018

Today's guest on our tech podcast is Kevin O’Brien, CEO of GreatHorn.

Phishing continues to be a primary security problem for businesses. Think of all the spoofed emails you probably get from people asking for banking instructions or ‘invoice confirmation,’ messages from ‘banks’ that look surprisingly legit but ask for your credentials, and notes from ‘friends’ that look real but have an attachment that wasn’t expected.

GreatHorn is an email security company that was a finalist in the 2017 RSA Innovation Sandbox for its ability to utilize machine learning to automate the identification and remediate advanced email and social engineering attacks.

Kevin talks about the latest techniques criminals use, including the use of display name spoofs, social engineering techniques and increase in Business Service Impersonation attacks, where cybercriminals replicate communications from major brands like Walmart, DocuSign, and the US Postal Service.

We also discuss email security shortcomings in Office 365 and G Suite include end-user alerts (emails that fail DKIM go to workers, not tech pros), limited malicious URL scanning and limited ability to configure or fine-tune security policies.

I also find out more about GreatHorn's useful Phishing Risk Calculator and its annual Cloud Email Security report.