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Aug 8, 2018

The most recent quarterly index from Upwork, identified blockchain development as the most highly coveted skill in the freelance job market, growing more than 6000% since Q1 last year. However, the sudden spike in blockchain jobs comes at a time when blockchain education offerings are still quite limited, creating a chasm between supply and demand for proficient blockchain developers.

Lisk, the decentralized blockchain application platform recently launched the Lisk Academy with the goal of spreading the power of blockchain technology as far and wide as possible through a comprehensive educational platform.

Thomas Schouten, Head of Marketing at Lisk talks about what steps need to be taken to ensure the next generation of blockchain innovators and developers have the right platform to build relevant skill sets.

We talk about how the Lisk Academy is aiming to make blockchain accessible to everyone with simplified guides on blockchain development, use-cases, how-to video tutorials, and an array of additional information.

In making blockchain education interactive and enjoyable, removing obstacles to its integration into the broader economy, and by introducing its benefits and potential use-cases to the world at large, the Lisk Academy is aiming to facilitate the faster adoption of blockchain by the general public.

We also discuss the exciting road ahead for Lisk and the long-awaited introduction of Lisk Mobile.