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Aug 9, 2018

Australian based tech startup MuzeRoom recently launched an app that delivers music news for the artist you are listening to.

When streaming through Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play MuzeRoom will automatically display music news for the artist that is currently playing. A companion service to streaming services, MuzeRoom enhances a users listening experience by bringing them closer to the artists they love.

Co-founder Ronan Mason explains - “I love using the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, but they don’t offer me much more than the music itself. With MuzeRoom we wanted to change that - offering music fans up to the minute music news, new releases, music videos, and tour announcements for the artist they are listening to. We think that’s the kind of offering music fans are crying out for, but that’s not currently available.”

MuzeRoom has a massive amount of data already driving it. The app pulls its music news from the top 150 music sites and blogs including Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, MTV, and Tonedeaf. And with 220,000 artists tracked, the app has already curated over 400,000 articles - an average of around 685 new articles every single day.

“We wanted to take advantage of the time when a music fan is most engaged - when they are listening to an artist. Too often your music listening experience is not immersive enough, and platforms like Facebook are too cluttered to keep us informed these days. MuzeRoom promotes more of a ‘lean in and discover’ experience which ultimately leads to a more rewarding, engaging, and of course informative listening experience.”

250K music articles a year. 1 brilliant way to filter them. I invited Ronan onto our daily tech podcast to learn more about how MuzeRoom filters music news based on what you are listening to.