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Aug 20, 2018

Arcus is a fintech startup working to create better financial health for individual people and the financial institutions by using technology to build a more seamless, secure, and enjoyable finance experience.

Edrizio De La Cruz is the CEO and Cofounder of Arcus and immigrated from the Caribbean to the South Bronx at age 11, and immediately started working, but quickly became frustrated that he couldn’t help his parents make ends meet and manage their finances.

However, being so close to Wall Street fueled him with endless dreams, ambitions and possibilities. After spending time in the US Air Force Reserves, he became an Aircraft Engineer at JFK Airport, but became enamored by the world of finance and technology while attending community college.

In spite of not being the ‘traditional fit’, he then kicked off his career as an Investment Banker at J.P. Morgan, and later graduated from The Wharton School. This journey instilled an innate sense of purpose and vision to democratize access to better financial services for everyone. In 2013, this vision sparked the launch of Arcus in Silicon Valley’s Y-Combinator.