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Aug 21, 2018

With ad fraud, click fraud and bringing programmatic in-house becoming a hot topic in the news, I invited Visto, CEO, Kerry Bianchi onto my daily tech podcast to learn more about Visto and insights from the advertising industry.

Visto is a technology company dedicated to bringing transparency, interoperability and accountability to programmatic advertising. Most recently, Visto released its white paper on multi-platform optimization, which discovered that the best programmatic ROI requires a multi-platform strategy.

The goal was to help marketers, agencies and media companies find the best path to performance, and through this test, they were able to see without a doubt that the ability to evaluate and transact centrally across multiple platforms will drive better return on advertising spend.

Kerry Bianchi discusses what Visto is doing to help the digital advertising swamp as well as upcoming partnerships and product announcements.