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Sep 4, 2018

Connatix is a next-generation video platform that helps publishers deliver successful video experiences without compromise.

Gil Sommer is Head of Product at Connatix and is on a mission to help publishers benefit from video advertising without compromising quality.

To expand reach, Connatix has built an extensive independent syndication network for video distribution at scale. Connatix works with over 3,000 publishers worldwide and in 2018, was ranked #2 in the comScore video metrix.

Founded in 2014, Connatix is a publisher-first company and will always make the decision to help publishers first - and sometimes that means helping advertisers too.

Gil is on a mission to align brand advertisers and publishers as they are fighting with each other but they are really working towards the same goal meaning it would be much more productive for the industry as a whole if they work together.

At Connatix, Gil is in charge of product innovation. On today's tech podcast, I learn more about his story.