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Sep 10, 2018

Global brands recognize that live events are filled with potential customers, but often their approach to engagement involves techniques fraught with data and privacy concerns; facial recognition and biometric screening being two especially hot topics.

Direct-to-consumer marketing startup Hurdl has found a solution to this problem, using LED wearables to provide an opt-in experience with off-the-charts 1:1 engagement results.

Hurdl is able to gather audience data by giving fans an LED wristband upon entering a venue, which attendees can choose to activate via SMS. On average, 67% of the audience will activate and 95% of those who do so will answer up to 5 survey questions.

In return they receive special offers, merch deals, and more as determined by the organizer, while their LED wristband allows them to be part of the light show at the event.

I invited Betsy McHugh, the Founder and CEO of Hurdl Enterprises back onto the show to learn how she is pioneering the de-anonymization of persons in event venues with a new kind of entertainment experience.

We also talk about how this wearable technology is bridging the gap between artist and audience while being both accessible and affordable.