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Sep 11, 2018

Openpath is a company that is focused on bringing the IoT solutions consumers enjoy at home to the workplace. Alex Kazerani (CEO) and James Segil (President) co-founded Openpath together after successfully launching and scaling four other ventures.

On today's tech podcast, James and Alex speak bout the future of the workplace and reveal why technology is an integral part of increasing productivity and overall employee experience.

Other Talking Points from the show:

  • How Openpath employees can ditch their key cards and instead access their workspace with just their smartphone - all without removing their phone from their pocket.
  • How employees can also text or Slack visitors a Guest Pass (a simple SMS link) to grant them temporary access to the office.
  • Beyond just the convenience of smartphone access, Openpath also grants office managers access to better metrics on how the office space is used.
  • How the system seamlessly integrate with platforms like G Suite, Slack, and Office 365, Openpath enables businesses to better manage the office.