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Oct 6, 2018

SimpleOrder was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2012 by restaurant industry veterans who saw a critical need to bring back-of-house operations into the 21st Century.

SimpleOrder provides restaurant operators with an automated inventory system that provides counts in real-time, reducing food waste while simultaneously streamlining the ordering and replenishment process. SimpleOrder currently helps thousands of restaurants in over 25 countries reduce waste, cut costs and streamline operations.

On today's tech podcast, I want to explore how they are using technology to connect the whole house, from the front-of-house POS to the back-of-house cost management, down to the recipe level. As results, restaurants need only go to one place to get all they need to provide remarkable hospitality.

I also learn more about the story behind the company, from encountering frustrating pain points that inspired them to bootstrap their way to success to the recent acquisition by Upserve and what that means for the future of the business.