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Oct 18, 2018

Nouriel Roubini, Bill Clinton’s former senior economist, recently said that the decline in the value of Ethereum was expected due to its lack of active decentralized applications (dApps) claiming that ‘75% of dApps are crypto-kitties, scammy Ponzi pyramid schemes, and casino games’.

Although Ethereum is still in its infancy, the question of scalability has plagued the popular protocol. Ethereum is only able to process about 10 to 12 transactions per seconds on its mainnet, limiting the type of services dApps could provide.

With this in mind, I invited Daniel Peled, Co-Founder of Orbs, onto the podcast to talk about the future of Ethereum, the mainstream adoption of dApps and much more.

Orbs, is a public blockchain acting as the production layer to complement Ethereum. Daniel believes that adopting Orbs alongside Ethereum allows dApps to enjoy the best of both chains: unmatched security, liquidity and ecosystem integration, together with low-fees, production-ready scalability and a suitable fee structure.

Could the combination of Ethereum and Orbs be the optimal solution for applications with millions of users looking to adopt blockchain? These are just a few areas that we explore on this daily tech podcast.