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Jul 11, 2016

Art and technology could be the perfect new partnership thanks to Klio. The 4K digital display bringing next generation art to traditional living rooms.

The Klio is a product of's experimental Labs division and hangs on the wall like an HDTV. This next generation device also allows art sharing via a Wi-Fi connection and a monthly subscription.

In essence, Klio is attempting to bring to the digital art world what iTunes did for music. The device is providing a virtual market for artists and an on-demand download source for art lovers.

Embracing both innovation and technology has enabled the team at Klio to create the new motion-rich art forms of tomorrow. Much of the art on the platform can evolve over time. Users can also change their collection automatically depending on their mood or even time of day to provide a unique digital décor experience.

I invited Paul Golding who is a Brit in Silicon Valley about this fantastic new concept and how technology is helping art evolve.

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Twitter: @pgolding