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Nov 1, 2018

Most of us that have caught an Uber or Lyft will know how surge pricing can help increase the driver's earnings. But have you ever thought of how the times that events end, traffic reports, flight arrivals, weather, etc. can all help increase their earnings too

Pittsburgh based Gridwise is an app that Uber, Via and Lyft drivers use get to get live updates on events ending, traffic reports, flight arrives, weather, etc. Anything that can help increase their earnings.

As drivers, the team at Gridwise understand the pains of rideshare driving and how to address them. Besides helping the drivers, they have a ton of industry data around hot pickup spots, surcharging, etc. After reading a recent report focused on earnings in rush hour), I invited Ryan Green, the CEO and Co-Founder of Gridwise onto the show.

We discuss how the mobile platform that increases rideshare drivers earnings 39% by helping them know when and where to drive.