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Nov 23, 2018

WHIRL is a blockchain-powered “Pay It Forward” crowdfunding platform. What we do is create a whirlwind of mutual self-help around the world. Anyone can launch a campaign regardless of purpose, banking status or borders. Their principle is simple: donate to others – then submit your own fundraising campaign!

Fundraisers raise money without shipping rewards or asking friends and family for charity. Backers earn karma points which impact their own position in WHIRL’s launch queue.

Their mission is to resolve the major problem of today’s crowdfunding – the declining success rates. In order to do so, they created a community which helps each other, eliminating needs in banks and loans, That’s why they limit the number of active concurrent campaigns and ensure everyone gets equal attention and opportunity.

That said, WHIRL is also a socially-driven platform that provides unique benefits to campaigns run by confirmed charitable organizations.

I invited them onto my daily tech podcast to learn more about how they ensure safe blockchain transactions and crypto/fiat payments making WHIRL accessible to contributors across the globe.