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Dec 21, 2018

Today's guest on my daily tech podcast is Debajyoti (Deb) Ray, the Founder & CEO, of Rivet AI. Artificial Intelligence has applications beyond classification or regression. As a technologist, Debajyoti's focus is on developing generative applications of AI: the ability to create new media, design, and form new hypotheses.

Debajyoti has also worked on economic mechanism design and distributed systems, with applications in blockchain. As an advisor and investor, he also looks for startups that operate in markets that can be transformed by AI and Blockchain, especially those that benefit from second-order effects of these technologies.

RivetAI provides an AI platform for content creators to make production seamless and tools to augment storytelling.

The company was founded by a team of AI experts, from companies like SpaceX, Pixar and Microsoft, who saw the limiting factors in content production and ideation. Their core technology is based on Generative AI - the ability for machines to generate new media, writing, and ideas.

RivetAI is also backed by the some of the most renowned VCs, and continually looking to hire the top talent. But, what role will AI play in Hollywood? AI will not replace the screenwriter's software aims squarely at admin work.

"Nobody went into filmmaking to do script analysis," advised Ray. For now, the creative aspects of filmmaking are still out of reach of automation, though AI-assisted decision-making on things like budgeting can have knock-on effects for an entire project.