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Jan 11, 2019

At CES we have heard the usual debates about which new smartphone is best. Which has the best display? the best camera? Any premium smartphone you decide to purchase will allow you to record or stream HD quality video all around the world. It doesn't matter if we are a journalists or vlogger, video on our smartphones is simply amazing right now.

However, in our quest for visual perfection, it seems that we have neglected audio. Whether it is a holiday video or a podcaster, the internal mic is simply not very good. What is the point in streaming HD video if the sound is inferior?

This is a problem that Philipp Sonnleitner decided to tackle head-on. He is the CEO and founder of Mikme and is passionate about being creative and making music, his goal is to make music creation, the process of writing, making or distributing music easier, faster and more fun for artists and their audience.

Mikme is introducing the world’s first fully wireless recording microphone that captures studio-grade audio at the push of one button. Standalone or via USB. Simply everywhere. The Mikme application completes the whole experience.

Equipped with a built-in flash drive, Mikme stores up to 360 hours or raw audio (24 bit, up to 96 kHz). By using it wirelessly with a mobile device recordings are streamed securely and immediately via a patented Bluetooth protocol to the Mikme App.

Philipp Sonnleitner CEO, Founder and Head visionary of Mikme takes a break from the show floor to speak to me about giving creatives of all levels total freedom for their ideas by designing a simple to use and high-quality tool that can capture creativity on the go.

A dedicated musician and idea generator, Philipp has worked for AKG as a Product Manager in the professional and consumer audio business, leading several product development teams.