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Feb 17, 2019

Tech is transforming, underpinning every sector, driving growth and enabling innovation. It should follow that tech careers are changing too, creating unlimited potential for all - not just tech professionals.

Unfortunately, skills, knowledge, and diversity just aren't keeping pace. _Nology is setting out on a mission to bridge the skills gap, bringing people together, maximising their potential by utilising the tools and techniques required to deliver a tech revolution.

Their vast experience, understanding of the issues and wide-ranging network are already helping to deliver far-reaching solutions. Beyond recruitment, their innovative initiative will underpin workforce planning and encourage the diversity essential to helping businesses in every industry to thrive.

I invited Peter Anstey, co-founder of _nology to out more about how anyone can secure a role in tech by graduating from the technology conversion course and have a job waiting for them afterward. We also talk about the role Opus Talent Solutions play in this too.

Peter also shares his story that began after studying writing at university and found himself as surprised as anyone to be pioneering the next generation of tech talent through a coding accelerator course. Peter knows all too well what it feels like to be unsure about your career path when leaving education, and to feel let down by a system that didn’t provide a clear outcome.

In recruitment, he found the opportunity to help others find their passions and instigating key career moves. This led to opportunities to work with some incredible companies, travelling the world advising on talent strategy and growth.

In that time, he has conducted around 2000 interviews and instigated over 400 career moves and very familiar with the massive skills gap caused by a one-dimensional education system and growing demand for digital talent. Peter is excited to open the doors of the tech industry to a new pool of talent. It’s never too late to find a job you love.