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Mar 3, 2019

Over 80% of businesses don’t know how to effectively market online, that is where Your Social Voice comes in. The company prides itself in being specialists in lead generation, ensuring that you can take control of your business.

Essentially, Your Social Voice helps businesses get heard on social media, and most importantly, build engagement, generate more leads and more sales. By removing the stress of where your next lead will come from, you can focus on what you do best, serving your clients and building your business.

I invited Your Social Voice founder Kim Barrett onto my daily tech podcast and asked him to share his story. Kim got his start in the field of marketing ten years ago and has worked in accounting firms and IT companies, where he focused on growing the businesses’ profitability through better marketing strategies.

Using his expertise with Facebook ads and other online lead generation methods, Kim took his agency from zero to $100,000 per month in sales in under a year. I wanted to learn more about how he has leveraged technology to improve marketing around the world and helping businesses grow to 6 and 7 figures.

I also wanted to hear more about the common mistakes that many are making on social media and what we should be doing to improve engagement.