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Apr 15, 2019

Fender Play is the complete learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele. The app features step-by-step lessons, progress tracking and exclusive online community of like-minded players and instructors.

Fender has released new updates to its online learning platform, Fender Play, to deliver features faster to its users. The platform is built on a serverless backend using AWS' Lambda and DynamoDB services.

The use of GraphQL is another update which will allow the Fender Play team to build a flexible Application Programming Interface (API) to help future proof the platform's applications. GraphQL provides the user with a more streamlined experience that is tailored to the individual's learning path, while also making the app itself faster and more responsive.

When Ethan Kaplan was 16 he started a fan website for the band R.E.M. The rest of his career extends from there. He is now Chief Digital Officer and General Manager, Digital at Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. I invited Ethan onto my daily tech podcast to learn more about Fender Play's new platform updates to deliver faster user experience.