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Jun 5, 2019

We have people listening in 165 countries. Some will be working in the heart of the blockchain and crypto industry. However, some will have limited knowledge and others will be emerging from hibernation after the crypto winter and wondering what zero-knowledge proofs are. It's time to get everyone up to speed and solve the adoption problem together.

The Loopring Foundation is a blockchain research organization focused on decentralized trading protocols. The open-source Loopring Protocol provides a fundamental building block for non-custodial exchanges (DEXs) and other applications that incorporate trustless token trading.

The protocol is designed to solve the three main problems of centralized exchanges: security, transparency, and liquidity. Essentially, Loopring enables people to build decentralized exchanges on top of their own wallet. It also allows people to trade in confidence, anonymously and safely in a decentralized way.

I invited Matthew Finestone, the Director of Business Development at Loopring onto my tech podcast to learn more about the road ahead. We also discuss the future of decentralized exchanges, the lessons learned from the last bull run, as well as the emergence of zero-knowledge proofs in cryptocurrency.