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Jun 2, 2019

In 2013, like many a tech giant (Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft) Signal started life with three people in a garage. The garage in question was located in Belsize Park in North London and belonged to the Benigson family. David Benigson’s parents not only handed over the use of their garage but were also the inspiration behind the initial idea for Signal.

The family’s successful executive search business sent an email newsletter that they were manually curating content for on a daily basis. Compiling the most recent and relevant stories from reliable sources each day for the newsletter was laborious. The idea to use artificial intelligence to automate the process was born.

Signal AI is a media monitoring, reputation management, regulatory compliance and market intelligence platform powered by artificial intelligence. The platform analyses over 5 million articles a day, pulling out quotes, companies, themes, people and sentiment. It understands everything it reads and extracts what matters.

Over time, the system learns what is most relevant to each user to create truly personalized insights and results, from share of voice and coverage data t.key messaging and trends .

Together with its partners, the company is building an ecosystem that sits at the heart of the knowledge economy, from risk management and regulatory compliance to M&A pipeline development. Ranked as one of the UK's fastest growing companies by the Financial Times, Signal A.I. recently opened offices in NYC and Hong Kong and is emerging as a leading authority in distilling facts in this era of fragmented news sources.

After appearing on my tech radar, I invited Signal-AI’s Founder, David Benigson onto my tech podcast. David provides his unique insights on how machine learning software is rapidly changing monitoring services for the government, legal industry, finance, and advertising.