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Jun 8, 2019

Today's guest is Jonathan Rouach, CEO and Co-Founder of QEDIT, the enterprise solution for preserving data privacy on the blockchain. The company also recently received the European Commission Seal of Excellence.

Based on zero-knowledge proof cryptography, co-invented by Turing
Award winner and QEDIT scientific advisor Professor Shafi Goldwasser,
QEDIT is a privacy layer for blockchain technology. QEDIT enables secure collaboration between companies using sensitive data while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Using QEDIT, it can be proven that data on the blockchain is stored and transferred without revealing any confidential details, and while ensuring regulatory compliance. The company has existing partnerships with BT, Thales, BNP Paribas, and Deloitte.

Jonathan talks about zero-knowledge proofs in a language that everyone can understand. He also discusses how an enterprise-ready privacy layer can accelerate blockchain adoption with the highest privacy standards.