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Aug 16, 2016

EventBoard has recently secured another $13.5 Million in Series B and continues dominance in the connected and intelligent workplace of the future.

The modern workplace looks very different from 30 years ago. There are new workspaces, technologies and management styles that focus on productivity and efficiency. Yet, with over 11 million meetings per day and an estimated $37 billion lost each year to unproductive meetings, meetings remain a constant frustration.

With more than 1,700 customers using its tools and data across industries, a shift is happening across businesses that use EventBoard to focus on optimizing people, places, and technology in the workplace.

The Series B brings the company's total funding to $20.5 million and will fuel support for the sales and marketing team to drive innovation around improving the office experience with employee-focused apps and deep data driven insights.

Having already partnered with Google for work & announcing tablet support.EventBoard also integrates with many existing calendar systems, including Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365.

I invited co-founder Zachary Holmquist onto the show to learn more.

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