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Oct 22, 2016

Many of us have created incredible online networks through a variety of platforms like LinkedIn and beBee. But, most have never met face-to-face with their followers but feel an incredible camaraderie and warmth toward each other.

Sarah Elkins took this the next level after wondering how to leverage her incredible online professional network to improve her real life, face-to-face business, and community.

She had a vision of a conference that would join up the dots and physically connect with her virtual connections. 

A conference with no keynotes, no crowded, awkward "networking" events where you've either painfully introduced around, or observing the small cliques of people who already know each other. She wanted to create a professional development that had not been seen before.

We have all been to many conferences. You know the breaks between sessions, the after-hours conversations in the lobby or the bar when you get to know the speakers and participants?

You know those times when, outside the meeting rooms, you learn more from the others than you did from any of the formal sessions?

Sarah Elkins decided to take a risk and create No Longer Virtual (NLV). A conference that leverages those side-conversations and makes them the foundation of your NLV experience.

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