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Dec 13, 2016

StressBox is an up and coming holistic fitness brand that combines expressive boxing fitness, powerful life coaching and mindfulness all to incredible relevant music!

Having experienced workplace stress over 3 years ago the founder Liam Joe decided to create a natural solution from the therapies that supported him through his stress. Follow an extremely successful pilot phase, they are now ready to go live with their incredibly unique fitness class.

Liam is determined to decrease the epidemic of work placed stress in this modern society. From Kanye to Nirvana, he uses music as our magic to really get you spiritual moved to make sure stressed professionals not only understand their stress, but help them dominate it.

Throughout the last 2 years, Liam has been researching and producing his natural solution to help more people to prevent and conquer their stress.

So what happens in StressBox?

StressBox is based on 4 layers of Stress where each layer has a positive response to the body, mind, and soul during the 1hour class.

• Positive Energy - Using dynamic breathing exercises to energize the body to awaken from built up daily work tension with a fun warm up.

• Stress Intelligence - Releasing negative emotions such as anger, self-doubt and work frustration. Raising awareness to these thoughts can enhance your Emotional Intelligence. This is influenced by relevant music, powerful coaching, and social partnership Boxing.

• Epic Exercise - Partnership musical choreography boxing with a combination of energetic music and high-intensity boxing.

• Musical Mindfulness - Relaxing the body and mind into our yoga mats with deep breathing and positive visuals.

StressBox offers a completely new well-being experience. Enhancing your stress response, happiness, confidence and health is our aim for every person they connect with.

Creating a powerful, personal, enlightened experience is ultimate goal. I invited founder Liam Joe onto the show to learn more.

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