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Jan 10, 2017

HYPR enables Fortune 500 enterprises to scale biometric authentication across millions of users. More businesses are choosing to Integrate HYPR and deploy a secure password-less experience through fingerprint, voice, face and eye recognition.

The ability to verify online transactions using facial recognition and fingerprint biometrics seems like a natural step forward in the same way that paying for goods by handing over a handful of silver coins is starting to feel primitive. Maybe we need to accept that a humble password is no longer enough to secure our finances.

According to Hypr, the rapid adoption of technologies like "selfie pay" have shown that there’s an urgent need to shift away from passwords and over to “easy to use” identity solutions. They believe that with biometrics being un-revocable unlike revocable passwords, their implementation is an essential step towards ending these kinds of breaches.

HYPR already has a big reputation within and beyond financial services where the company has gained early traction and 2017 seems like it's going to be a big year for them.