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Mar 9, 2017

Many of my guests on the show are Tech leaders that appear on my radar that not only resonate but also inspire or intrigue me.

Abbas Haider is the CTO of xMatters, and after seeing a video talking about how internal collaboration is crucial to digital transformation I wanted to find out more.

xMatters aim to boost IT Operations, DevOps and Major Incident Management processes with intelligent communications. "Turn Insights into Action During Business Disruptions From IT major incidents to manufacturing line slowdowns, virtually every business process generates insights that need to reach the people required to take action"

As most of you listening know by now, I love my tech, but it's how it brings people together and increases collaboration that really excites me.

When I also heard him speak my IT language about the major incident and change management along with how automated chatbots can help in the communication process, I had to get him to on the show.

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