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May 19, 2016

We are living in the digital sharing economy and where anyone can see an idea turn into a million dollar start-up. Knocki for example hit Kickstarter aiming for $35,000 this week and 24 hours raised 300,000 as I record this episode.

BUT what about the venture capitalists who are looking for the best ideas to invest in? How do you get your idea in front of them?

New Enterprise Associates is a global venture capital firm helping entrepreneurs build transformational businesses across multiple stages and sectors.

I invited General Partner Harry Weller onto the show who is one of America’s top venture capitalists with honors including being the Forbes “Midas List” nine years running.

But I wanted to learn more about his passion for technology, his journey and how he enjoys helping others on theirs.

Harry has a wealth of experience in the tech industry and he has enough stories for 10 podcasts, but it’s a massive privilege to get him on here for the first time.

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