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Jul 23, 2018

Marcus Whitney, Nashville, TN-based investor, entrepreneur, and president of Briovation talks about blockchain and emerging developments in health technology. 

Briovation is a healthcare catalyst and the parent company of Jumpstart Capital (seed funding) and Jumpstart Foundry (mentor-driven accelerator for healthcare startups) and the Health: Further Festival held in Nashville late August and draws more than 2,500 healthcare leaders, investors, and innovators all focused on driving digital transformation in healthcare.

Briovation recently announced its new umbrella initiative, Tokenizing Health, focused on analyzing, investing in, and providing open-source blockchain technology to healthcare companies nationwide to nurture innovation and create unity within the space.

The Tokenizing Health announcement also includes the public launch of Solaster, Briovation’s first health blockchain invention. On today's tech podcast, Marcus also talks about the following topics:

  • Blockchain’s impact on healthcare including Briovation’s effort to analyze, invest in and provide blockchain technology to healthcare companies nationwide.
  • How blockchain will enable peers to transact directly with one another to develop an optimized, efficient health system. The most important peers in Briovation's view of the health economy are the patient and the provider.
  • How a world where patients as customers, health care providers and the necessary value-adding services around patient / provider interactions, can transact (financially, data, bartering etc.) in a safe, trusted manner without having to rely on third parties.
  • Why and how public, permissionless blockchains will transform health over the next ten years to be truly decentralized, consumer-centric and efficient.

Marcus also reveals why the time is right for a new type of healthcare conference, why Nashville the ideal location and how Health: Further is designed to create new stakeholder networks that can improve patient care.