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Sep 24, 2018

On this daily tech podcast, I am passionate about learning more about some of the things in life we take for granted and also how technology is transforming industries that you do not immediately associate with technology.

For example, ABinBEV has centuries of brewing history and are the world’s leading brewer on a simple mission of bringing people together for a better world. But, brewing the best beer requires the highest quality ingredients and a devotion to perfection.

A successful brewer requires natural ingredients, a healthy natural environment, and thriving communities. This is where we begin to find sustainability challenges such as water, barley, malt etc. In a world where we are increasingly having to do more with fewer resources, where do they begin to tackle an issue like this?

“Today’s global sustainability challenges provide us with some of the greatest opportunities for development and innovation. We want to empower driven and committed entrepreneurs who are solving problems in their own communities" ABinBEv

Through the 100+ Accelerator, ABinBEv mare mobilizing the world’s brightest minds to solve some of the most pressing global sustainability issues. They went looking for partners who can deliver breakthrough advancements in water stewardship, farmer productivity, product upcycling, responsible sourcing, green logistics and more.

Essentially turn to technology, tech startups and entrepreneurs to solve real issues.

Maisie Devine is the Global Director of the 100+ Accelerator and joins me on today's show to talk to discuss the program with me and provide more information on what the program entails, how they will measure success and what future plans are for both the program and for successful members of the program.

Previous to her role Maisie was an angel investor at ZX Ventures – AB InBev’s own global incubator and venture capital arm. Early in her career, she co-founded Savvy: a recruitment app for modern, career-driven women, leading her to be named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2015, among many other notable lists.