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Oct 26, 2018

Mobility Management Software (MMS) leader MOBI recently announced new updates to its software product aimed at connecting all mobile technologies and third-party data integrations with one centralized system. This exposes new insights that will lead to cost savings, enhanced mobility program controls, and a new level of user visibility across an entire mobile ecosystem.

“The enterprise landscape is exploding and evolving with the introduction of new devices, capabilities, and broader adoption of nontraditional mobile endpoints by businesses,” said Josh Garrett, president and co-founder of MOBI. “And while new technology is dramatically improving the way we work, it’s incredibly complicated for businesses to manage profitably, especially when it comes to deploying and managing devices under its ‘virtual roof’.

I invited Josh back onto the show to learn how they simplify mobility management and are improving user experiences. But also how Rosie will join its existing family of Mobots™ to help customers optimize mobile spend. Rosie joins the family of four existing Mobots™: Audrey, Johnny, Otto, and Mikey, who were first deployed in December 2017. Will Neil be the next Mobot in 2019?