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Nov 12, 2018

Criminals are hijacking programmatic advertising and giving publishers a bad name. Confiant protects publishers'​ and platforms'​ reputations, revenue, and resources with always-on anti-malware software that provides protection for desktop, mobile, and video ads.

I wanted to learn more about their sole focus of helping advertising platforms and publishers rid the world of malware and how this focus enables them to evolve quickly and meet their clients'​ needs for defeating the bad actors trying to undermine the industry.

Programmatic technologies make it easy for criminals to use businesses to infect millions of consumers. But where do they begin to protect their reputation and revenue with anti-malware software that keeps them ahead of the bad guys?

Confiant, CEO and founder, LD Mangin is also a startup veteran that has worked on five and founded two. I invited him onto my daily tech podcast to learn more about how he is working to stop the scourge of fraudulent programmatic ads that are disrupting the market.