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Jan 5, 2019

IoT-focused company Naran not only builds popular smart home products used by people around the globe, but has also created a software platform that helps small or non-technical businesses leverage IoT to make their products smart.

Naran’s platform MiB IoT also helps companies like hardware startups, construction companies, and large appliance businesses quickly and easily build connected products. With the simple addition of a commodity low-energy Bluetooth chip to any product, and use of the MiB IoT software platform, companies can create connectivity for new product lines or retrofit older products.

Typically, this would require large engineering teams or expensive AWS or Google Cloud contracts to achieve, on top of requiring months of development. In the same way companies like WordPress simplified the website building process, eliminating costly engineering overhead and making it fast and easy to whip up a professional web presence, Naran is hoping to do the same for the IoT software space.

I invited Naram CEO, Terence Park onto my daily tech podcast to share his startup story as a former Silicon Valley engineer from Google and Microsoft who had a passion to create better IoT products and has years of experience in the smart home space.

We also talk about their third year attending CES.