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Feb 13, 2019

Voicea, the voice collaboration platform is launching a new offering to help people attend fewer meetings.

Voicea is powered by an Enterprise Voice Assistant named EVA. EVA uses AI to highlights key takeaways in meetings and creates actionable recaps in real time with either voice command, live tap on the dashboard or simply powered by the AI and your keywords. EVA can join conference lines, on calls, or in-person allowing meeting goers to focus on the conversation knowing that highlights are being captured.

Voicea came out of beta in spring 2018 and has already processed more than 9mm minutes in meetings across all sizes of companies from SMB to the enterprise, with almost 1.5mm highlights and actions from those meetings. The end goal is to turn talk into action faster, have “smarter” meetings and help users get more accomplished at work.

After recently rolling out Teams, which blows open the collaborative nature of the platform and help meeting goes think like senior executives and choose the meetings to attend and gain highlights from the others.

Teams make meetings a structured data asset that can be accessed by entire teams. This enables others who did not attend a meeting to benefit from the ideas and discussions. I felt compelled to find out more and invite them onto my daily tech podcast.

Omar Tawakol, Chief Executive Officer of Voicea shares his vision and talks about how he believes we are missing the boat unless we pay attention to Attention Intelligence.