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Feb 21, 2019

Zestful recently conducted a nationwide survey asking people if they would prefer a $130k salary, or a $100k salary plus Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Spotify, Headspace, a meal delivery service, a gym membership, a $20/month allowance to a charity of their choice, and a $100/month “experiences allowance.” 80% of the survey respondents preferred perks over a higher salary.

Zestful’s new model is already experiencing high usage rates, with 94% of employees who have a Zestful Perk Card using it every month, with an average monthly allowance of $100. Before joining Zestful, many of its customers had perk program usage rates of around 20%.

"Employee happiness is a top priority for so many companies, but the needs of each employee are unique and changing faster than any company can keep up with,” said Zestful CEO and Founder, Mat Vogels. “Individualized perks are becoming a new currency in the workplace, yet there is no easy way for companies to offer their employees what they want in a model that works for everyone.”

I wanted to find out more about how Zestful is enabling employers to offer the most customizable employee perk programs so invited Mat Vogels onto the show to learn more about this refreshing approach.