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Mar 24, 2019

The year-long crypto winter has continued to take a toll on crypto investors’ sentiments and confidence. Take Switzerland for example, in Q4 2018 alone, the market valuation of 50 largest blockchain companies in the country’s “Crypto Valley” plunged more than 50% to US$20 billion.

Over the same period, however, the number of Blockchain companies surged by 20%, according to a survey conducted by CC VC.

Despite the bear market, the demand for the distributed ledger technology continues to flourish. Amongst the 20% increase in blockchain companies, four of them are classified as ‘unicorns’ — signifying they are already worth billions of dollars. Liechtenstein, an early supporter of the technology implemented legislation to regulate blockchain business models, showing a direction towards adoption.

With that said, how are other blockchain firms fairing on a global scale? I invited David Wachsman, CEO of Wachsman on to my daily tech podcast. 

Wachsman is a high-tech communications agency with specialization in blockchain, AI, IoT, gaming, cybersecurity, and fintech. They counsel and support the most fascinating companies and boldest ideas around the world.

David Wachsman is a world-renowned blockchain expert and thought leader. He is a regular speaker at the most highly recognized technology conferences around the world. Recently, David was featured on CNN International, CNN Money, and in New York Magazine.

In late-2015, David founded Wachsman to provide professional public relations services to the rapidly growing financial technology industry with cryptocurrency and blockchain at its foundation. Wachsman has since become a global organization with more than 100 employees based in offices in New York City and Dublin.

David and his team have represented and acted as communications advisors to many of the most indispensible organizations in blockchain, including Dash, Crypto Valley Association, Bitcoin Suisse AG, CoinDesk, IOHK, Lisk, Steemit, tZERO, Jaxx, and Coinsource.

Before founding Wachsman, David led the day-to-day operations for a boutique public relations agency in Manhattan and held roles in advertising, political affairs, and biotechnology. David also elaborates on the relationship between crypto market cap and the growth of blockchain technology and what he thinks the blockchain industry should be focusing on in 2019 to encourage mass adoption.