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May 6, 2019

Have you ever looked up Drake, tried to go to, and realized that it has nothing to do with the artist? You'll have to go to to find his information, as even the world's most prominent artists don't always own their ".com" site.

DotMusic Limited is announcing that the global music community has prevailed in finding a solution to this problem, as ICANN has awarded
them the rights to the .MUSIC top-level domain name extension and will move to contracting soon.

For the first time in Internet history, members of the global music community will be able to register their own web address.

"This is a new digital era for the global music community," said DotMusic founder and CEO Constantine Roussos. "For the first time in Internet history, music community members will be able to register their own exclusive, verified, and trusted .MUSIC domain name."

I wanted to learn more about the inspirational story behind .MUSIC that involved beating global companies, Google and Amazon, leading domain registries, Donuts, Radix and MMX, and other interested groups. Constantine Roussos joins me on my daily tech podcast to share his story.

Constantine Roussos is a Greek-Cypriot entrepreneur, musician, songwriter, engineer, and producer. Constantine has engineered and produced albums by artists and bands that include A Family of Snail, Katie Quinlan, Some Change from US, A Pigeon's Rhythm and many others.

Constantine publicly spearheaded the .MUSIC global music community-led initiative in 2008 to provide the global music community with a verified, trusted and secure .MUSIC domain name extension to create a safe haven for legal music consumption, connection, and engagement. Today, the .MUSIC Initiative is supported by music organizations with members who represent over 95% of global music consumed.