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May 15, 2019

Here at Imagine 2019 event, I want to explore the role of IT in eCommerce and how a company can shift away from internal IT hassles to a customer focus.

With its increased popularity, the needs of SHOEBACCA.COM customers changed. The company offered an expanded line of products and started to look beyond eBay and their website. They focused on growth through innovative technologies, competitive shipping processes, and professional customer service.

With over 700,000 SKUs in their system, SHOEBACCA.COM needed to streamline their inventory data by organizing and simplifying their structure. They needed to optimize their merchandising while handling a massive product catalog, and they needed to connect to multiple marketplaces.

Their customers love to shop at Amazon, eBay, Rakutan, and the Walmart website, so that’s where they needed to sell. SHOEBACCA.COM decided to create an eCommerce system that could scale their growth, integrate their current systems, and sell customers the perfect sneaker wherever they start their journey.

Tom Finney, Director of IT, at Shoebacca shares the story of how SHOEBACCA Grew Revenue x15 in Just 3 Years by using Magento and seeing the IT department as business enablers.