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Jul 4, 2019

Smartlands is a global security token issuance platform designed for the 21st-century crowdfunding. Smartlands aims to bring together token issuers and investors by creating blockchain-based securities backed by digital ownership of shares in multiple asset classes.

Smartlands Platform is built on the Stellar network and employs advanced blockchain technology with fast, cheap, secure transactions and extended capabilities. I invited, Arnoldas Nauseda, Smartlands CEO onto my daily tech podcast to find out more.

Arnoldas Nauseda has a history of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in finance, technology, and real estate. Before joining Smartlands, he spent four years as a full-time entrepreneur, developing businesses in the fields of technology, fintech, and robotics.

Arnoldas started his career in a United States retail bank, then continued it across different geographies, as well as other industries such as real estate, consumer, consulting, fin-tech, private equity, venture capital, and technology. He held financial, entrepreneurial, and business development executive positions in these areas.

Arnoldas also has over ten years of real estate finance, project management, and development experience. Being a small developer himself, he has been involved in 20 different residential and commercial real estate transactions and developments. He has previously worked in finance and investment through private equity and at V. Paulius & Associates, a design, construction, real estate, and investment management company.

His academic background includes receiving an MBA in Finance from Concordia University Wisconsin, graduating with an international executive MBA at the Baltic Management Institute (part of
HEC, Paris), Innovation and Entrepreneurship studies at Aalto University Business School, Finland and completing Fintech Programme at Oxford Said Business School, UK.