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Aug 14, 2018

SyncThink develops revolutionary eye-tracking technology analytics, now in VR headsets, that give medical professionals objective metrics for visual attention and dynamic orientation.

Based on 15 years of research and 12 granted patents, SyncThink’s first product, EYE-SYNC, is a 60-second, objective sideline assessment that uses eye tracking to evaluate for ocular motor impairments and vestibular balance dysfunction – the two most common and serious components of concussion.

FDA-cleared for detecting eye-tracking impairment, EYE-SYNC is used by leading university athletic departments and medical clinics, from Stanford University to Massachusetts General Hospital, EYE-SYNC is transforming brain health assessment, recovery, and monitoring.

Guest Info

Laura Yecies is the CEO of SyncThink, as a Silicon Valley veteran, she has successfully led multiple startups and top brands. As CEO of SugarSync, she led the company for four years through an aggressive business and product growth phase growing from zero to $25M in revenue and signed several strategic partnerships leading to significant valuation increases.

SugarSync was later acquired by J2Global. She joined the team as acting CEO to help develop the company’s business model, where they expanded the product footprint and built strategic alliances, before successfully selling the company to Apple in 2013.  

For the six years after leaving Informix, she was the Vice President of the Netscape browser division at AOL where she was responsible for the development of Netscape 7.0 and the launch of the Netscape browser in 23 languages.

After leaving NetScape, she joined Yahoo where she served as the Global General Manager for the Yahoo Mail division. Following her time at Yahoo, Yecies was the VP of Marketing at Check Point Software where she served for three years.  Prior to the aforementioned, Yecies led marketing programs and Latin American sales at Informix Software Corp for six years.

She’s been the recipient of many awards such as the 2011 Gold Medal and 2012 Silver Medal for Female Executive of the Year for the Stevie Award for Women in Business, the Inc. 500 — Top Female CEO of 2012, and was a previous U.S. Department of State TechWoman Mentor.