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May 5, 2016

As a user that is growing increasingly tired of generic email campaigns that are of little relevance to me. I was interested to discover how marketing personalization is finally about to bring retail into the 21st century.

Reflektion uses technology to capture and analyze each unique visitor's digital behavior and applying machine learning algorithms that deliver on-target digital shopping experiences in real-time.

Clients include The Walt Disney Company and Converse to name but few and claim to increase sales by 20 percent. With an equally as impressive financial backing from Battery Ventures,Hasso Plattner Ventures, Intel Capital and Nike, it's clear this story is one to watch very closely. 

Reflektion is run by seasoned tech entrepreneurs and business leaders. They bring together deep and diverse experience in the digital advertising, retail, and software industries from companies such as Google, Oracle, eBay, Monetate, Accenture and others.

I chat to the guys to find out more...

Guest Info

Twitter: @reflektioninc