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Nov 19, 2018

IOHK is the leading blockchain research and development company behind top 10 cryptocurrency Cardano. They have also recently announced that it will present its research on Ouroboros Genesis at ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security.

The research tackles critical challenges that exist in proof-of-stake protocols and this latest version of Ouroboros, the algorithm powering Cardano, represents a significant milestone on the roadmap of research that began with Ouroboros and was followed by Ouroboros Praos.

Today's guest is Aggelos Kiayias who is the chair in cybersecurity and privacy at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests are in computer security, information security, applied cryptography, and foundations of cryptography with a particular emphasis in blockchain technologies and distributed systems, e-voting and secure multiparty protocols, as well as privacy and identity management.

On today's crypto podcast, I want to learn more about the technology, Cardano's Ouroboros Protocol, and the humanistic approach that Aggelos is famed for.