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Tech Columnist Neil C. Hughes Interviews Innovative Startups, Tech Leaders, CEO's, Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs. Guests share their stories, experiences and invaluable advice about the latest tech trends affecting multiple industries. As a tech blog writer, I created this podcast to add real human voices to my written articles and bring them to life. My aim was to create a top podcast that unites the global community and connect every tech fan and entrepreneur in the world. A wealth of guests that cover every aspect of the startup scene discussing Venture Capital, Technology Startups, Advice and Strategy, Angel Investors, Bootstrapping, Business Ideas, Co-Founders, and Crowdfunding. We also look at how the digital transformation and technologies such as machine learning, AI, AR, VR, FinTech, Edtech are impacting businesses. Steve Jobs once said, "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." This show aims to empower those followers to learn from those on a similar journey so they too can create their own path by educating and mentoring.
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 The Tech Blog Writer Podcast


Tech columnist Neil Hughes is the host of the Tech Blog Writer Podcast that is also available on iTunesStitcher, PlayerFM and TuneIn Radio.

I launched this podcast to add real human voices to my written articles and bring them to life. My aim was to create a top podcast that unites the global community and connect every tech fan and entrepreneur in the world.

Steve Jobs once said, "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." This show aims to empower those followers to learn from those on a similar journey so they too can create their own path by educating and mentoring.

You can also reach me on Twitter at @NeilCHughes or at





Feb 1, 2017

I recently discovered that The team that brought you chat-based interior design app Homee is excited to introduce Hutch, an innovative home design experience stemming from the most popular Homee feature, the visualization.

With a laser focus on this uniquely transformative experience, Hutch offers the opportunity to virtually explore your space in a variety of designer curated styles before buying or moving a single piece of furniture.

As someone with a DIY phobia, I love the idea of taking a photo of a room in your home and then have it completely redesigned professionally all from a mobile app.

BUT there is much more to this story than just a mobile app,
they have been on an incredibly exciting startup journey that really has been a rollercoaster ride of phenomenal ups and downs.

Whether it be appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank show, raising $7.14 million in funding from some pretty big names, and receiving a large amount of help from other startups such as the people behind Tinder it's clear the team is learning fast.

It's a great story, so I invited the CEO and founder of Hutch Beatrice Fischel-Bock onto the show today to find out more.

Jan 31, 2017

I think we can all agree reluctantly or not that tech now dominates our lives. But, I recently discovered that there are some major structural issues with the internet that need fixing.

With IoT, 5G and cloud services ramping up, the internet is being asked to do things it was never designed for and is getting closer to a breaking point. 128 Technology that was founded by a group of technologists and entrepreneurs that are on a mission to fix the internet.

The stealthy startup is led by Andy Ory, the former co-founder, and CEO of Acme Packet, which was bought by Oracle for $2.1B. For those familiar with Acme Packet, this will sound like a natural evolution of Ory’s and his co-founders’ ideas.

Essentially, 128 Technology is re-thinking routing the critical enabler of Internet communications, but a technology segment that hasn’t seen real innovation since the 1990


Guest Info



Jan 30, 2017

With a slight resemblance to Wall-E’s robotic girlfriend Eve, it's easy to see why Aido, the family robot is a big hit on Indiegogo.

Aido is the next generation social family robot. Smart, interactive, and uniquely mobile, Aido is the first social robot that can move around your home/office to help improve your lifestyle. He can play with your kids, help you with household chores, handle your schedule, and keep your home connected and safe.

After approaching $1 million raised in pre-orders with a special 60% off for early investors I invited Arshad Hisham the Founder and CEO at InGen Dynamics Inc onto the show.

Indiegogo Page

Aido Family Robot Video


Awarded "GameChanger" of 2016 by the world's leading tech magazine (T3).

Jan 26, 2017

I think most people listening to the show will agree that AR is becoming much more exciting than VR. I recently came across Lumus who are a leading developer of augmented reality (AR) wearable displays.

Lumus creates transparent displays that drive augmented reality eyewear, transforming the way people interact with their reality like no other solution in the market today.

Lumus recently announced a $45 million investment round with an additional $30 million in funding from top-tier strategic investors including Quanta, HTC and others to expand its growing AR display business.

After securing some big investors from tech heavyweights, I invited Dam Emodi from Lumus to find out more.



Jan 24, 2017

Is a combination of technology, data analytics, and the digital transformation responsible for changing the political landscape?

The United States has a new president in the form of Donald Trump. Over the years I have learned to avoid talking about either religion or politics in a large forum as it always ends badly.

But while many are still dealing with this turning point in American politics and his unorthodox run to office, what captured my attention from the outside looking in was how he leveraged technology along with political campaign software to fundraise efficiently, recruit volunteers, and inspire his userbase.

While Hillary Clinton’s lead in the August polls, Trump chose to start spending serious money on data analytics and a bigger digital campaign. His campaign also utilized tools not usually thought of to be software used by campaigns, from creating and hosting their website, to marketing to the right personas, and managing online content.

I don’t want to talk about state sponsored cyber attacks, stories around vote rigging, fake news or political opinions on either side of the fence. But I wanted to understand how both technology and software impacted the US election recently and how this will also affect the electoral process all over the world in this digital age.

I invited Michael Fauscette onto the show who is the chief research officer at peer-to-peer business review platform G2 Crowd. We discuss how a combination of technology, software and data analytics played a big role in Donald Trumps election success.

Jan 20, 2017

At the CES show in Las Vegas this year, EPC (Efficient Power Conversion) showcased how GaN is a core technology behind autonomous vehicles, the house of the future without power cords, the connected car, and non-invasive colonoscopies with an x-ray system within a pill.

Replacing silicon, one of the most prevalent types of semiconductor around, with a different material, Gallium Nitride, commonly abbreviated as GaN — or “eGaN,” EPCS new, improved form of GaN.

Silicon enabled Intel to build an entire empire, but could this be displaced by GaN?

This is an episode that you can expect to learn a huge amount and how it appears that the days of Silicon are numbered in this digital age where companies must disrupt or face disruption.

Anyone interested in technology and where the industry is heading will love this episode.

Guest Info Dr. Alex Lidow the CEO and co-founder of Efficient Power Conversion onto the show to learn What is GaN? Why GaN? and where is it heading?

Dr. Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of Efficient Power Conversion


Jan 19, 2017

Have you ever dropped your phone on the floor the only to nervously turn it over and discover yet another cracked screen? Of course, you have because we all have.

Do you love slim cases, but hate broken screens? The ultra-slim iPhone Limitless cases offer military-grade protection in real and authentic materials like black marble, bamboo wood or kevlar. These cases use Airo Shock protection to give your phone incredible protection. 

After watching the team at Mous dropping a phone from a 45ft Crane and the smartphone surviving to tell the tale I invited the Co-Founder James Griffith onto the show to find out more.

Guest Info



Jan 18, 2017

BigID is enabling companies to help reduce breach risk, contain liability exposure and address increasing global privacy regulations. Their mission is to help enterprises better protect the privacy of their customers’ personal data through the application of data science.

BigID’s platform gives companies intelligence and governance controls needed to help protect against proliferating privacy risk and the increasing threat of personal data breaches and help drive compliance with privacy and security requirements.

Today’s enterprises often lack actionable data intelligence for the most important digital asset they manage: their customer information. BigID was launched to fill this void, and help protect against risks associated with dangerous hacks and financial loss from personal data theft.

I speak with security veteran, CEO and Co-Founder of Big ID, Dimitri Sirota to find out more about the real ROI of protecting customer data.

Jan 10, 2017

Jammber is a platform that manages the entire music production process, keeping track of everyone involved, making sure the workflows, letting collaborators sign off on necessary steps digitally and helping labels and artists file forms correctly in minutes, not months.

The music industry is siloed, fragmented and chaotic. An average album can cost 450 hours in paperwork alone, and too often not getting paid for a project on time or at all is accepted because "that's the way it's always been done." Jammber wants to relieve that pain.

And for the first time, Jammber is capturing data about the creation of a song at the studio level, giving credit where it's due: to the creative individuals on which the music industry is built.

Jammber enriches the lives of people in the entertainment industry, all over the world, by giving them tools that empower and enhance the creative process. Ultimately allowing them to do more of what they love, giving them superpowers they tell their friends about.

In tonight's episode, I chat with Jammber founder Marcus Cobb.

Jan 10, 2017

HYPR enables Fortune 500 enterprises to scale biometric authentication across millions of users. More businesses are choosing to Integrate HYPR and deploy a secure password-less experience through fingerprint, voice, face and eye recognition.

The ability to verify online transactions using facial recognition and fingerprint biometrics seems like a natural step forward in the same way that paying for goods by handing over a handful of silver coins is starting to feel primitive. Maybe we need to accept that a humble password is no longer enough to secure our finances.

According to Hypr, the rapid adoption of technologies like "selfie pay" have shown that there’s an urgent need to shift away from passwords and over to “easy to use” identity solutions. They believe that with biometrics being un-revocable unlike revocable passwords, their implementation is an essential step towards ending these kinds of breaches.

HYPR already has a big reputation within and beyond financial services where the company has gained early traction and 2017 seems like it's going to be a big year for them.

Jan 8, 2017

I have been busy chasing companies down at CES this year and came across a Danish wellbeing app called HelloMind.

HelloMind is a new mobile wellness company that has exploded in Europe (1.2MM downloads) and recently soft launched in the U.S., delivering hypnotherapy through an app to help people conquer challenges and enhance their lives.

Low self-esteem, stress, fear, bad sleep and unhealthy habits sometimes hold us back from enjoying life to the fullest. The good news is these negative patterns can be broken or eliminated according to the people behind HelloMind who encourage its users to Think Better Feel Stronger.

If you are Suffering from stress or low self-esteem? You may not have to invest in a shrink or hypnotist in the traditional sense. The hypnotherapy app claims to offer the perfect fix using your smartphone to get rid of a phobia or strengthen a certain aspect of your personality.


Jan 8, 2017

Winner of the CES Innovation Award is the “bed reborn.” in the form of a new smart mattress.  Sleep Number’s 360 smart bed will forever transform the way people sleep. The new integrated design includes a proprietary algorithm (powered by SleepIQ technology) and machine learning to intuitively sense and automatically adjust all night for an effortless and optimized sleep experience.

Machine learning features include automatically adjusting if you snore, adding an automatic night light on the bed if you get up in the middle of the night, and pre-warming to toast up your feet on a cold evening. It also connects to an app to offer information on how you’re sleeping.

In addition to the impressive tech embedded in the bed, Sleep Number have had to evolve to compete with the "disruptors" that have popped up in the mattress industry this past couple of years.

After hearing how they are passionate about improving lives through innovative sleep solutions. I invited Sleep Number onto the show to find out more about their vision of a world with connected sleep being at the center of well-being.

Buckle up and hold on tight as we head all the way to VEGAS to chat to the guys at Sleep number who are Proud to be one of Forbes America’s Most Trustworthy Companies and Innovator in smart bed technology with Silicon Valley-based SleepIQ® LABS



Jan 5, 2017

ZTE’s Project CSX Crowdsourced Smartphone Comes to Life Through the “Hawkeye” Name revealed at CES 2017.

Continuing with the crowdsourced theme, the Hawkeye phone is available for funding on Kickstarter.

Project CSX eye-tracking, self-adhesive smartphone device. With 540 name submissions from consumers around the world, the Hawkeye phone is available for funding today on Kickstarter at for a discounted price of $199.00.

“Project CSX has been a groundbreaking process and the Hawkeye device sets the stage for us in 2017,” said Lixin Cheng, chairman and CEO of ZTE USA. “As we move forward with this smartphone, we’ll look to continue to integrate consumers every step of the way.”

Continuing with the crowdsourced theme surrounding Project CSX, the Hawkeye phone is available for funding on Kickstarter and is expected to ship globally in Q3 2017.

“With Project CSX, we experimented by turning the typical R&D process on its head and did something completely different within the industry,” said Jeff Yee, vice president of Technology Planning and

Partnerships of ZTE USA. “We believe that the Hawkeye name reflects the spirit and vision of ZTE as we continue to put the consumer first throughout this entire process and will continue to do so in every phone we deliver.”

Project CSX kicked off at CES 2016 when ZTE announced its plans to completely crowdsource a mobile device that the company promised to build in 2017. In October 2016, thousands of consumers from 176 countries selected the winning concept, a device that aims for an easier and smoother user experience with eye-tracking capabilities and a self-adhesive back.

To learn more about ZTE and to keep up with the latest Project CSX developments visit or to become a member of Z-Community, visit

Jan 4, 2017

Favro is an online collaboration tool that adapts to how you work, making it easy to plan just about anything with anyone. Used by companies in marketing, development, gaming, law, recruitment and more – Favro is perfect for the whole team and is designed to keep everyone, regardless of their role, on the same page.

The IT strategy is no longer just IT’s responsibility. It now touches multiple departments from finance to marketing to HR. But, getting IT teams to collaborate cross-organization is easier said than done.

At many companies, highly-technical IT professionals are reluctant to embrace collaboration outside of their team or the comfort of their IT department.

While they hold a wealth of information, organizational silos often block this knowledge from outside departments. As IT strategy becomes more of a broader business problem, IT departments will need to step outside their comfort zone and collaborate with other teams.

Anyone interested in learning more about why IT departments should embrace collaboration to improve the organization’s IT strategy will love today's show.

Patric Palm, CEO and co-founder of Favro, chats with Neil about this new online planning and collaboration tool.

Jan 3, 2017

"Polk BOOM recognizes that enjoying your music while participating in your favorite outdoor activity, like biking or skateboarding is important, but also realized that being aware of ambient noise and your immediate surroundings is even more critical," said Polk BOOM's founder, Ryan Minarik. "The convenience of portable speakers has listeners blasting music further and louder than ever before. However, consumers still need to be safe while enjoying their favorite tunes. This is exactly why we designed BIT, to keep our adventurers safely engaged through all their senses, by balancing music with surrounding noises." 

I caught up with Ryan Minarik ahead of CES to find out more.


Dec 29, 2016

You may have seen Legs Jacket by VEAR feature on cool gift guides over the last few weeks. Known as the Stylish Rain Pants that Keep Commuters Dry, VEAR launched on Kickstarter and got fully funded in only 27 hours and has raised over $127,000 at the time of recording this show.

Rain is the number one reason people cycle less. We saw a need for high-performance rain pants with a contemporary stylish design for cyclists and walkers who need to stay dry and comfortable during their commutes,” said VEAR co-founder Valentin Nicoară.

“In the biggest cities in the world, more and more people are biking and walking to work. It’s time for commuters to have a stylish, high-performance pant that becomes a key part of their professional wardrobe on snowy, rainy, damp and cool days.”

VEAR launched on Kickstarter and got fully funded in only 27 hours and has raised over $127,000 at the time of recording this show.

Dec 26, 2016

31 Events is an email and web marketing calendar solution that leverages the use of Coupons and Tickets that embed into the calendar event for easy retrieval at the time of the event by a URL in the calendar interface. The calendar event then uses all the components of the operating system reminder, including geo-location of the event and integrated notification for driving based on geo-location.

The product is designed to get your customers to your event or to your promotion by making sure they have the correct calendar invitation on their work or personal calendar with the embedded URL for that specific promotion.

Use cases for testing include - event registrations, ticketing, coupons, and appointment setting. We are compatible with all operating systems both desktop and mobile devices. The product uses a simple code generator to embed your event into your email template - we support Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Exact Target.

In addition, the calendar event can generate the code needed for event promotions on your website with easy to use Event Modals that can be embedded into your website. When a person adds their email address they get a Calendar invitation with Event coupon or Ticket and we track acceptance to the event through our reporting engine.

Guest Info



Dec 22, 2016
The biggest oxymoron in tech, ‘password security’, continues to rear its ugly head with high-profile hacks all over the map, validating that there is no end in sight unless drastic action is taken
Marc Boroditsky, VP of Authentication for Twilio discusses how they’re trying to kill the standard password. Backed by early investors like Box CEO Aaron Levie and the Winklevoss twins before their acquisition and now by Twilio, these guys are waging war on the password and bringing 2-Factor Authentication to the masses.
Dec 20, 2016

I consider myself very fortunate is being able to interview established tech leaders and people at the beginning of their startup journey every night. If I have learned anything in 150+ interviews its that there are two very different sides to the tech world.

There is the hype, billion dollar valuations and then there is the reality which I think is summed up perfectly in the TV show Silicon Valley.

I'm quite excited about chatting with tonight's guest. He has worked in the high technology and software industries since 1978 as a programmer, salesman, field sales engineer, marketer and now author!

Having worked in tech all his life and seeing how the industry has evolved, meeting Steve Jobs and being amused by the adulation and obsession that surrounded him.

He wrote a fantastic satirical tale called Selling Steve Jobs’ Liver?”
But rather than get into too much detail now, let's get Rick Champman on the show.

It's time to beam your ears all the way to Connecticut in the US to speak with Rick Chapman who has a few great stories to share.

And he is also the author of “In Search of Stupidity: Over 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters,” too.

But that is just one side of how he also juggles his time and passions, as away from the typewriter he is also the editor of Softletter, and happens to also be the COO of a new SaaS startup too.

Dec 18, 2016

Capital One seem to be leading with technology by recently launching a "how much did I spend? skill to Amazon Echo. The service is also being rolled out to users of Microsoft Cortana too. 

The ability to ask "How much did I spend at Starbucks last month" and receive an instant answer without any hassle is a real game changer and eye opener to those who manage their finances on the go.

I invited Ken Dodelin onto the show to find out more. He's the Vice President, Digital Product Development at Capital One and is waiting to tell us all about the skills available on Amazon Echo and Microsoft Cortana.

Dec 18, 2016

As we are right in the middle of the gift giving season, it seemed like a great idea to get the guys from Giftagram back onto the show.Regular listeners might remember that way back on episode 96 they explained their unique concept for gift giving.

Giftagram sends gifts from your iPhone--no address required! In 3 clicks, you can send gifts using only an email address or phone number. Making gift giving as simple as selecting your contact, pick a gift and hit "send." seems like the perfect antidote to this very stressful time of year.

After reading about their tech-focused toy drive I invited them back on the show to learn how cash-strapped individuals who want to be thoughtful but still look for convenience are using Giftagram.

I welcome Jason Reid, CEO and Co-Founder of Giftagram onto the show to find out how they have put the age old tradition of donating toy to those less fortunate than ourselves into the digital age.

Dec 15, 2016

Huggle lets you discover and connect with the people who go to the places you go and shows you the places you have in common. The app filters who you connect with based on where you go, what you do, what you're interested in and how you live your life. You are where you go, so let your lifestyle do the talking.

Apps such as Tinder encourage users to keep swiping left or right on human beings with real feelings, passions, and interests and is often a fruitless exercise. These shallow actions also feel incredibly primitive.

Huggle co-founder Stina Sanders recently asked "Are We Swiping Away Our Humanity?" If we behaved in he way that so many people do online, we’d be severely disappointed, depressed and potentially in prison.

Huggle is attempting to change the way people meet around the world for all the right reasons and I felt compelled to find out more.

Guest Info





Dec 14, 2016

Stealth Mac management startup Fleetsmith recently launched with $3.1 million seed round. Deploying applications or forcing app and operating system updates to an entire fleet of Macs is now a reality.

Those working in cybersecurity or IT will also delight in hearing how disk encryption and firewalls can also be centrally managed to ensure that MACS are compliant like the machines in a windows environment.

Fleetsmith features include:


  • Fully automated packaging and patch management: Apps are automatically packaged and updated across the entire fleet, with optional update enforcement deadlines.
  • Fleet-wide OS upgrades: Upgrade to macOS Sierra (and future major releases) with one click.
  • G Suite integration: Securely login and import users with G Suite.
  • Device inventory: Centralized device inventory that eliminates spreadsheets and offers fleet health insights. 

"It's rare to find an IT management solution that delivers a robust set of security capabilities while maintaining a first-class administrator and end-user experience,” said Kevin Mahaffey, Founder and CTO of Lookout. “Fleetsmith does it.”

IT teams historically accustomed to Windows-heavy environments, tools to manage Macs—even as they’ve become more ubiquitous—have not kept up. Current Mac management solutions are difficult to try and buy, overly complex, and require dedicated IT and security resources. 

I invited Zack Blum onto the show to find out more.



Dec 13, 2016

StressBox is an up and coming holistic fitness brand that combines expressive boxing fitness, powerful life coaching and mindfulness all to incredible relevant music!

Having experienced workplace stress over 3 years ago the founder Liam Joe decided to create a natural solution from the therapies that supported him through his stress. Follow an extremely successful pilot phase, they are now ready to go live with their incredibly unique fitness class.

Liam is determined to decrease the epidemic of work placed stress in this modern society. From Kanye to Nirvana, he uses music as our magic to really get you spiritual moved to make sure stressed professionals not only understand their stress, but help them dominate it.

Throughout the last 2 years, Liam has been researching and producing his natural solution to help more people to prevent and conquer their stress.

So what happens in StressBox?

StressBox is based on 4 layers of Stress where each layer has a positive response to the body, mind, and soul during the 1hour class.

• Positive Energy - Using dynamic breathing exercises to energize the body to awaken from built up daily work tension with a fun warm up.

• Stress Intelligence - Releasing negative emotions such as anger, self-doubt and work frustration. Raising awareness to these thoughts can enhance your Emotional Intelligence. This is influenced by relevant music, powerful coaching, and social partnership Boxing.

• Epic Exercise - Partnership musical choreography boxing with a combination of energetic music and high-intensity boxing.

• Musical Mindfulness - Relaxing the body and mind into our yoga mats with deep breathing and positive visuals.

StressBox offers a completely new well-being experience. Enhancing your stress response, happiness, confidence and health is our aim for every person they connect with.

Creating a powerful, personal, enlightened experience is ultimate goal. I invited founder Liam Joe onto the show to learn more.

Guest Info



Dec 12, 2016

Now that we are right in the middle of the holiday season, many will be buying their gifts from Amazon as the appeal of their everything under one roof ethos becomes hard to resist.

However, it recently occurred to me that we are losing a certain amount of expertise in certain areas when we buy high-end products. Sure we have the internet, and we can do our research, but sometimes you can't beat chatting to someone that knows what they are talking about.

BUT how can other stores compete with the likes of Amazon? Are the old stores in danger of dying out because of our thirst for instant gratification? Or is customer service what makes those smaller businesses stand out from the crowd? and can tech help with this?

As the world's largest source of photography, video, audio, and the latest trending technologies, including drones, virtual reality, and 3D Printers, B&H Photo Video is known worldwide for its attentive, knowledgeable sales force, excellent customer service, and fast, reliable shipping.

Visitors to the website can access a variety of enlightening articles and educational videos. B&H has been satisfying customers worldwide for over 40 years so I wanted to learn how technology has enabled them to take their expertise from physical stores to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience.

Guest Info


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