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Mar 14, 2019

Founded in 2012, Mya Systems brings deep AI and NLP expertise together with recruiting domain pedigree to disrupt the recruiting operational model as we know it.

Mya Systems has established itself as a leading conversational AI solution provider serving hundreds of the top enterprises and agencies including 40 of the Fortune 500 and 5 of the 8 largest global staffing firms. The company has raised $32.4M across 3 venture rounds led by top-tier investors such as Emergence Capital and Foundation Capital.

Mya’s proprietary conversational AI platform uses state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning techniques to automate outreach and communications with job candidates across the end-to-end recruiting process, enabling recruiters to prioritize their time with candidates most likely to succeed.

Mya quickly gained an A-list of customers and established itself as a leading AI solutions provider in the recruiting industry. The company has raised $32.4M of venture funding in three rounds from top-tier investors including Emergence Capital and Foundation Capital.

The company is on a mission to open up a world of job possibilities for all. Inefficiencies in the existing recruiting model mean the right talent and the right job don't always end up together. Mya’s vision is to create a solution where job seekers get jobs faster, and hiring teams get the most qualified candidates by eliminating frictional unemployment.

I wanted to find out more about the conversational AI recruitment platform so invited Eyal Grayevsky onto my daily tech podcast. Eyal's 12+ years of expertise includes co-managing his family's recruiting agency and founding FirstJob, a job marketplace for early career talent. He is also a founding partner at DoubleTap Ventures, a community for entrepreneurs to share advice.

We discuss how this industry-first Outreach Automation platform has delivered unprecedented results at scale, including response rates of 40-60% and over 2x increase in recruiter productivity for its customers Entegee, ICS and others.

By automating outreach to current and prospective candidates, Mya Systems is also helping large recruitment agencies like Adecco scale efforts to re-engage candidates in their existing database, build new pipelines, automate referral acquisition and manage relationships within their talent community.

I learn more about how Mya has spent the last 2+ years scaling its Outreach solution for many of the largest employers in the world, amassing millions of data points to train its conversational AI in the context of passive sourcing and talent pool management.

The result is a system that can communicate seamlessly with candidates in open-ended, natural and dynamic conversation, delivering dramatically improved engagement rates and candidate experience for a variety of use cases.