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Sep 14, 2017

By combining new technology, new data, and human advisers, United Income offers holistic financial planning and investment management aimed at extending the life and potential of money.

With over $200M in assets under management through its private beta launch, the new platform, believed by United Income to be the first of its kind, offers a solution that examines millions of potential future market and life outcomes, creating personalized projections of future changes in spending on health and other items.

“Thanks to advancements in healthcare, people are living longer and are retired longer. But, the market has struggled to find a way to extend the life of money as effectively,” said Matt Fellowes, founder and CEO of United Income. “By harnessing powerful new technology and a growing body of data and academic work, we have been able to invent a new approach to money management that aims to extend the life of money.”

United Income, which raised $5.8 million in seed funding in 2016, is Fellowes’ second financial technology startup. He founded HelloWallet in 2009 before selling it to investment research firm Morningstar in 2014 for $52.5 million and becoming Morningstar’s Chief Innovation Officer.