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Oct 4, 2016

John Schwarz is Founder and CEO of Visier. A leading innovator in Big Data cloud technology, Visier was founded to reinvent the Business Intelligence industry, starting with a focus on workforce analytics.

A forty year software industry veteran, Schwarz was CEO of Business Objects when the company was acquired by SAP for $6.78 billion in 2007. During his tenure, Business Objects doubled its revenue to more than $1.5 billion, improved profitability, and executed seven strategic acquisitions.

After SAP’s acquisition of Business Objects, John oversaw a dramatic continuing expansion of its business as a member of the SAP Executive Board.

I talk to John about why people Are the ultimate resource for the 21st Century: Labor shortages in key sectors, surpluses in others, AI, robots causing upheaval in various industries, and diversity are all hot button issues to companies, governments and employees.

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